Our Founder & President Mrs. Nidhi Swarup, is a Crohn’s Disease patient who took the initiative to set-up a society dedicated to caring for Crohn’s & Colitis Patients in Singapore. The following composition captures her journey, understanding & feelings related to Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD):

“It’s not about prevention since no one knows how
It’s not about healing since there is no cure
It’s about the Quality of Life. 
While doctors take care of the body
Medicines can help with remission, sometimes!
As laymen with a caring heart, we can help by trying to understand
That these strange symptoms are for real
There is no one to blame
For no one knows for sure, what causes IBD
Maybe our genes, a virus, lifestyle or something lame
Let scientists do their part and find a way to tame.

IBD can happen to anyone and render our body quite sick,

But Family & Friends, be the pillar of strength for me
At times when everything seems so wrong
And I cry not because I’m sick
But because just yesterday, I was so strong!”